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Visualize. Feel. Zo.

Leveraging their extensive experience in design, various engineering disciplines, and construction, Zo Studio will work to help create meaningful designs that will enhance and inspire the local communities.

"ζω", pronounced "Zo", is Greek for the meaning of Dwell, Live, and Inhabit. Our goal is to create a sense of feel through our visual graphic imagery to help create an ideal environment for a place of Zo.


Ardy has a diverse experience in Architecture, Real Estate, and various Engineering disciplines.


After working in each of these fields and seeing many projects struggle to be visualized by clients, he realized how important it was to help bridge a gap between the idea and visual proof of concept in the development of a property.

With his knowledge and expertise, Ardy has applied experience in Architectural and Engineering principles into his designs. His services are geared to support the creative development of both commercial and residential properties.

Ardy Ardebili


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